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School Cinema is a ground breaking teaching methodology. It uses Cinema at it's core to inspire, educate and entertain young minds through it's courses on Life skills and Film making.

Cinema is a powerful tool to convey ideas, internalise learning and create impact. Cinematic storytelling combined with thought provoking activities address real life challenges effectively.

At School Cinema, we offer courses that use cinema at the core to teach necessary Values and Life Skills to School Students and also their Parents. We also offer a Filmmaking course for students to equip them to tell their own stories to the world.


Teaches valuable
lessons of life


Encourages Self


Improves relationship
with the world


Helps deal with the challenges of growing up

Glimpses of our Courses

Super Girl

Age group
10 to 12 years
Watch trailer

Apples and Oranges

Overcoming Differences
Age group
13 to 14 years
Watch trailer


Gender sensitivity
Age group
13-14 years
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responsibility and growing up
Age group
10-12 years
Watch trailer

Chinese Whispers

Cultural Sensitivity
Age group
15+ year
Watch trailer

The Autograph

Age group
7 to 9 years
Watch trailer
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These short movies along with captivating workbooks leave a longer, deeper impact on young minds who relate with characters and issues well. These movies showcase life skills, important values and attitudes in a very simple and most affecting manner.

Anitha Bijesh
Principal, Delhi Public School, Bangalore South



Now learn Life Skills with our highly interactive and entertaining online certificate program designed for children from 7 to 17 years.

Each course has 5 modules, each featuring an exclusive film followed by an interactive worksheet full of activities, quizzes and engaging projects.

The program will enable students in understanding themselves and their world better and equip them to handle real life situations more effectively.

A highly interactive course designed by film industry experts and educators to help students learn the technical and creative aspects of film making.

Created for students above 12 years of age, this course enables effective communication through visual story telling.
Our unique Effective Parenting Skills program is designed with extensive research to give parents an understanding and skills for better parenting.
The course comprises of 5 modules, each featuring an exclusive film made for parents followed by research inputs on the topic, quizzes and introspective quesions that helps today’s modern parents deal with today’s parenting challenges in a more effective manner.
For the last 10 years, 1 million+ students from 4 countries have been using School Cinema as part of their curriculum making it the world’s largest organised Life Skills learning program.

We would be happy to introduce this revolutionary program in your school.

A well made film blends audio-visual, story-telling, entertainment & emotions making it a very influential medium. At School Cinema we are utilising the powerful impact of cinema to teach important lessons of life.
Syed Sultan Ahmed
MD and Chief Learner @ LXL Ideas
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